Why XIM Peel Bond Primer?

<p>Andruszko Painting uses XIM Peel Bond primer on all of our exterior projects where there is failing paint.  While it is one of the best products on the market it is not a cure-all to your failing paint needs it is our product of choice for several reasons.  </p><p><ol><li><ul>Here are some key features of Peel Bond:<li>High Build</li>Water BasedSoap & WaterClean upLow OdorClear (Hazy)Primes and SealsHelps Bond PaintCompatible With:Latex Paints OnlyCures at Temp. asLow as 40°FSurfce Temp.Cure at Humidity upto 90%</ul>
<li>The other professionals in our industry have said a lot of good things about this product and in comparison to latex and oil based primers, we believe that Peel Bond is going to give the home owner/business owner the lasting protection that they desire in a paint job.</li>
<li>Anduszko Painting puts our name on every job and when cleaned and applied appropriately per manufacturer specifications, we believe that our reputation is in safe hands with Peel Bond.</li>
<li>Peel Bond is a glue like substance that will readily fill in those deep cracks and crevices in your failing substrates.  It dries quickly and it can be sprayed on which saves time and money for the contractor and homeowner. </li>
<li>Anduszko Painting has used Peel Bond on many houses with failing paint and we have yet to get a call from a dissatisfied customer concerning Peel Bond’s performance and durability.  Although the Litmus Test will be time and how it performs under NW weather conditions we maintain high hopes for this product.</li></ol></p>Here is more information directly from the manufacturer’s website that you may find useful in deciding if Peel Bond is right for your painting needs.
Product Description:XIM’s Peel Bond is a unique, high build,water-based, penetrating, bonding primer/sealer.It is formulated to bond-to and seal a wide rangeof construction materials. It can reduce thecracking and peeling or the top coat paint byremaining flexible over the life of the paint.It can help reduce the time spent on surfacePreparation, however, it is not a completesubstitute for all surface preparation and allsurface conditions.Product
Peel BondTMXIM Peel BondTM is a unique Water Based, Clear, Very High Building Bonder / Sealerthat can fill and bridge rough surfaces. It is formulated to bond-to and seal a wide rangeof construction surfaces. It Bonds paint and will stay flexible over the life of the paintand, therefore, can help reduce cracking and peeling.
Product Preparation:XIM’s Peel BondTM is ready to apply directly from the can. Note: Keep the containerstightly closed when not in use. Store at room temperature. Keep from freezing.The Surface Condition:The surface can be rough but it must be asound surface for long lasting results.Peel Bond will not penetrate into old paint.It will not reseal or re-bond peeling paint,loose paint, loose or rotted wood, loose or“punky” masonry. These types of surfacesrequire removal of the loose or weaksurface features until the surface is sound.Careful surface preparation and cleaning isthe key to a good result. Be sure thesurface is thoroughly clean and dry, freefrom all grease, wax, oil, loose paint anddirt or rust. The first step is to clean with astrong detergent (soap and water), rinsewell and allow to dry. Power washing isrecommended to clean chalky surfaces.
BIG ADVANTAGEPeel Bond will bond to and fill rough surfaces,and, therefore, reduce the need to sand andlevel the surface before priming.This alone can reduce the surface preparationtime many fold and save money for theapplicator.
Surface Prep:Careful surface preparation and cleaning is the key to a good result. Be sure the surfaceis thoroughly clean and dry, free from all grease, wax, oil, loose paint and dirt or rust.Power wash the surface to remove loose paint and debris.Or . . scrape / sand looseedges to ensure that thesurface is sound.NOTE: Remove the remaining debris and dust from sanding and scraping. Allow to dryafter power washing. Measure with a Moisture Meter – wait until the moisture is below15% to prime with Peel Bond. This way, the Peel Bond can penetrate the dry wood fiber.Power Washall loosepaint and debris.
If your objective is to only prime and seal the surface, apply one full coat. If yourobjective is to build and fill, apply multiple full coats. Allow the Peel Bond to turn clearbefore each coat.It can be top coated within 40 minutes with Latex Paints.
How to Apply :P eel Bond can be applied by spray, brushingor rolling. NOTE: It does not look or feel liketraditional “thinner viscosity” paints.When Brushing or rolling, apply straight from thecontainer. Peel Bond can be applied heavily. It willbuild and fill low areas. Even though High-Build, itwill still wet-out the surface and flow well.Peel Bond appears white and hazyinitially. It dries to tack free inabout 30 minutes under standardconditions (77 deg. F and 50%relative humidity) Thicker coatswill take longer to dry.Peel Bond will dry to a clearappearance. When clear, it is readyto re-coat or paint.
When Spraying:Spray with airless equipment without thinning.We recommend a 0.017 tip and 1200 PSI.Use as a Penetrating Sealer -Apply at 5-10 mils wet. Peel Bond will appearhazy, white when first applied. It will penetrateinto the wood or into a porous surface and bond.Use as a High Build Filling primer –Apply as high as 20 mils wet. Spray multiplecoats as required. Allow the Peel Bond to turnclear before each coat. As shown previously,the cooler the temperature – the longer thiswill take.Do Not Spray orapply heavier than20 mils wet !Although Peel Bond can be applied heavier than 20 milswet, excess thickness can result in MUD CRACKINGand BUBBLES in the film.Too thick and you could see sagging as well!Back-Brushing or Back-Rolling after sprayingheavy coats can help “work” the Peel Bond intorecessed and low areas.
Clean-Up: Clean equipment with soap and water.Safety TipsFirst Aid: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Incase of eye contact, flush with plenty of water. CALLA PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY. For additionalinformation see the Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for this product.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
The above information was found at:  http://www.peelbond.com/pdf/PeelBondHowTo.pdf

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