What factors determine what paint I should buy?

* Longevity/Durability & Return on Investment (ROI)- How many years will my paint job last?

* Elasticity- Does the paint shrink and swell with the fluctuation of weather conditions?
* Penetrating Finish- Does the paint have the power to hide imperfections and bind to the surface of the material that it is being painted onto or does it just sit on the surface of the material?
* Chalking Resistance- Does it or does it not allow white chalky powder to form on the surface?
* Moisture Resistance- Will it stand up to the moisture that is common to my region and city or town?
* Crack Resistance- How well does the paint stand up to cracking and flaking?
* Bubble/Blister Resistance- Will the paint that I choose blister or bubble easily?
* Color Retention- What does the manufacture of the paint use for the colorant? Powder or on site computerized dye systems?

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