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Three great reasons to repaint your home

Portland painting and general contractor company offers advice for common paint problems

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners are beginning to think of ways to freshen up their homes. One of the best ways to give an older house new life is to update the color scheme with a fresh coat of paint. What’s more, says Bobby Andruszko of Andruszko Painting, there are a number of aesthetic issues that can be solved by hiring an experienced painter.

• Paint Bubbles: Bubbles can form in a painted surface long after the paint has dried. They occur when the paint film lifts from the underlying surface and is generally caused by heat, moisture, or a combination of the two. Paint bubbles must be fixed or the paint will begin to peel. If the blisters do not extend all the way down to the substrate, a painter will remove them by scraping and sanding. Then, once the problem area has a smooth finish, the painter will apply primer before applying a quality latex paint. If the blisters go all the way down to the substrate, the source of moisture will need to be removed. Replacing loose caulking and installing vents or exhaust fans can help to lower the humidity in the home.

• Paint Cracking or Flaking: Dry paint will sometimes crack or flake due to aging or improper application. Hairline cracks will worsen over time if they are not fixed. Many things can cause paint to crack, including the use of low-quality paint, the application of oil-based paint over latex paint, or poor surface preparation. If the cracking does not go down to the substrate, the painter can remove the damaged area with a scraper or wire brush. If the flaking occurs in multiple layers of paint, the painter may need to use a filler. And should the cracking extend all the way down to the substrate all of the paint will need to be removed by scraping or using a heat gun. In all cases, the painter will need to sand the surface until it is smooth and even before applying a primer and then a quality latex paint.

• Paint Mildew and Mold: Mildew and mold appears on the surface of paint or caulk as black, green, gray, or brown spots. Mildew can build up on many surfaces, including paint. Mold and mildew thrives in warm, damp, or humid areas that have little or no air circulation, that have high condensation, or that lack direct sunlight. It is especially common in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and laundry rooms. Mildew can be removed by an experienced painter. Once the mildew is removed, the painter will prime the surface before applying latex paint. Consider using mildew-resistant paints that contain additives to inhibit mildew growth on the paint’s surface.

Whether your current paint has damage or you just want to update the look of your home, the professionals at Andruszko Painting can meet your needs. To find out more, please visit their website at or visit their profile on BuildZoom.

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Andruszko Painting is a locally owned family business with committed leadership, unparalleled customer service, and precise attention to detail. The company offers fair and competitive pricing, backs up their labor for three years, and will come back for free if they make a mistake. They serve the Portland metro area, Oregon coastline, Willamette Valley, and southern Oregon.

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