Community Involvement

Our company promise to our local community: We will competently and wholeheartedly commit our resources, time, talents and expertise towards helping our community with at least one project a year.

In 2011, we plan to go to either Haiti or Japan to help offer our services to those devastated regions.

Civic Engagement

We spent some time in Vernonia, Oregon with Compassion First and painted the interior of a home that was damaged by the flooding in that area in 2008.

We went to Biloxi, Mississippi during the fall of 2007, with Compassion First in order to help those devastated by the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. We painted the interior of one home and painted the exterior of another home with various church groups from around the U.S.

We also painted the exterior of a home for a disabled elderly woman in the Beaverton area for Compassion First.

Giving Back

Upon owner Request, after the completion of your project, Andruszko Painting will make a (1% of the net profit) donation to a charity, NGO, or Religious Organization of your choice in your name.

How we are giving back to the community

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