3rd Generation Oregon Contractor

I’m an American. Both sides of my family have been here for 4 generations on my mother’s side and 6 generations on my father’s side. I’m a 2nd generation painter, a 3rd generation Oregon contractor. Our company has over 15 years of experience in painting, construction and remodeling.

My father, Robert W. Andruszko, proudly served our country in the US Navy for a term of 4 years and was honorably discharged in the late 1970s. Bob, as well as being a painter is a writer and self published a book entitled “A Prince, A Wizard, & Billy Mcgillicutty” My Father like me got his start in painting as a young boy painting a 3 story house in New Jersey for his mother and father. He has mentored me in the painting industry since I was an 8 year old child through manhood. He is a master painter who owned Andy’s Professional Painting for 10 years. Bob continues to teach me what he has learned through the invaluable experience he has gleaned from painting over the past 30 years. He continues to correctly answer any obstacles I may face on a job.

My Grandfather, John Andruszko was an economist who specialized in mergers and acquisitions and was an outside consultant.

My Grandfather, Robert Orlando Yaconetti owned the company Yacon Construction for over 20 years. As a home builder Bob served the people pf the Lake Oswego area throughout his tenure as a business owner with his very close friend and business partner Harold Floom and with the help of his wife Janet Weiland Yaconetti. All 3 of them have been a pillar of support and love in my life and I treasure them greatly.

My Great Grandfather, Giovanni Yaconetti (Iaconetti) came over to the U.S. from a small town called Spizzano Piccolo a province of Cozensa, Italy and worked during the great depression on the railroads under the U.S. WPA (Works Progress Administration or later called the Work Projects Administration) plan during Roosevelt’s Presidency. He was a stonemason that helped work on vista house in the Columbia River Gorge. He also helped build the tunnel at Rocky Butte. He served in the Italian Army during WWI.

My Great Grandfather, William Andruszko was a small business owner who operated a small grocery store in Trenton, New Jersey.

My family line has also been directly linked to the German Emperor-King of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm III or Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl.  His military exploits and leadership abilities were well known during the time of his reign.


The Legacy Continues...
WPA Street Project
Robert W. Andruszko & Isaiah O. Andruszko- Grandpa & Grandson

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