What is Weatherization?

Weatherization is the process by which homes are made more
energy efficient through a series of energy conservation measures.

Most of my adult life has been spent living in apartments. Some were built well, others not so well, I know from personal experience that every time there was an air infiltration problem, I was forced to solve it by doing the following:

Replacing poorly installed front doors
Caulking the baseboard and trim around the home
Caulking the exterior of the trim around the windows
Installing weather stripping around doors and windows that has failed
Sealing up my fire place
Sealing up the crawl space
Sealing up the attic entry
Installing installation
Installing outlet cover insulators
Caulking around any area of the home where I could feel a draft
Sealing up vents and pipes
Caulking around lighting fixtures
Putty or caulk wall and ceiling cracks
Install a door sweep- To test to see if the sweep is installed correctly slide a piece of paper underneath the sweep, if there is no resistance the sweep needs to come down towards the create a seal.

The only noticeable problem I have encountered as a result of my efforts to seal up my home was mold build up. Home’s need to breathe, if they do not have a sufficient amount of airflow you will undoubtedly encounter this problem. For more information about mold build up visit our page below:…

What are some causes of moisture buildup?
Showers/baths that are poorly ventilated and do not have a powerful enough fan to remove the moisture. This problem occurs in older homes because it is either an old fan which has not been replaced in some time or the fan has a lot of dust built up around the fins causing it to preform poorly.

Kitchens- If you cook a lot and do not turn on the fan there is a moisture build up in your home that needs to get out of the house.

Laundry Room with a poorly designed ventilation system can cause moisture to accumulate in a small room. If the dryer exhaust is not installed correctly moisture can seep out of the hose and can be a cause moisture.
According to, “Air infiltration is the process of air entering and exiting through a building’s cracks and leaks.”
In order to prevent or eliminate infiltration, detect the exact places where cold air enters the house.

Solutions to prevent mold build up after you have weather proofed your home:
Open a window or sliding glass door, turn on a fan, and if you really want to go old school you can open a door and swing a door back and forth that is close by where the moisture is and it will force the air to push it out of the open window or door.

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