Trim Packages

If you live in an older home that did not have trim/fascia installed around the windows and doors we can come to your home and cut out your existing siding, install new fascia, fasten, caulk it, prime and paint it.

If you do not like the trim that you currently have on the interior or exterior of your home and you want to increase the value of your home Andruszko Painting & General Contracting can install new trim or crown molding around your doors, windows & baseboard.

Door & Trim Packages- Installation of doors, windows, baseboard & crown molding.


The first two pictures are of a door and trim package we put together for one of our neighbors in Lake Oswego.  The doors used to be a dark 1970′s look which we transformed into what you see below.


The Latter four pictures are of an older home in the SE Milwaulkie area that did not have trim installed around the windows.  Our experience as a general contractor allowed us to quickly remedy the homeowner’s situation.


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