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Types of substrates that we coat:





Types of coatings we use:


Imagine that your beautiful 1000 dollar front door with it’s beautiful stain finish is in place, working properly and doing its job, protecting you and your family, sealing drafts, and saving you money.  Now lets say you live in the NW and your home is exposed to the ever changing elements of our region, If your door does not have a solid coat of polyurethane/varnish/shellac on it your original investment of 1000.00 dollars is at risk, the stain will fade away over time, not only does polyurethane protect your existing wood work through out your entire home but it also gives it a shine that enriches its beauty and luster while preserving the wood substrate. If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps your deck coating of stain or paint is fading and you want to keep down the maintenance on the deck. Your answer is application of coatings and product. As homeowners in Oregon we know how important it is to maintain our homes and decks. Unless we have pressure treated wood we have to either paint or stain our deck every 1 or 2 years to keep it looking nice. If we don’t do this we suffer the consequences in the future. Andruszko Painting has dealt with this issue for many years now and we have several key products that we would recommend as well as a coating process that will ensure that your deck coating sees the maximum duration for protecting your wood decking.

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