Line Striping

Parking lot striping- lines, handicap spots, curbs & fire lanes

Are you a business owner with parking lot striping needs? Andruszko Painting can help, we offer an oil based enamel product that lasts for at least 2-3 years in Oregon weather. We back roll everything rather than just spray it on because we believe that as a business owner if you can minimize your costs by doing a job once in that time period rather than once a year then you are ahead of the curve. Allow us to show you how we can help your parking lot keep it’s luster and appeal while maintaining order with the flow of your traffic through out the business day.

If your parking lot traffic flow arrow or curb gets a lot of wear and tear we can help reform curbs and apply multiple top coats to your high traffic areas to help maintain an appealing lot for your customers. At Andruszko Painting, we care about the appearance of our company. We also believe that professionalism and aesthetics go hand in hand. Allow us to show you the spirit of that ideology with our work.

We understand that it is important for us to re-stripe your parking lot during non-business hours and in a timely manner. We will give you our best and make sure everything is to the original specifications of the contract while completing the job when it will least disturb your flow of business.

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