Design & Build Garage Cabinets


One of our customers gave us the specifications of what they wanted for some custom garage cabinets. We sat down with them and came up with a design. We purchased the materials and began to build the cabinets, we notched out the framing so that there would not be any reveals, we reinforced the sheeting that we fastened to studs of the sheet rock so that our framing would not move if the house settled or shifted. We hung all four of the 8 ft x 4 ft doors, primed, and painted the shelving, framing and doors, installed the hardware and had the homeowner inspect his new storage cabinets. He was thrilled with the work and how much stuff he could now store in his cabinets.

This is one of many stories that have made our company what it is today, please give us the opportunity to do the same for you.

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