How to complete an apartment repaint/turnover in 8 easy steps




Step 1 Preparations
You get your prep out of the way… caulking, (tape and mud damaged sheet rock, priming and texturing follow then topcoat)

Step 2 Masking:
Depending on the variables i.e. carpet, appliances, cupboards, doorhandles, hinges, etc. you will need to mask off what ever does not need to be painted.

Step 3 Spraying
Spray out your ceilings, trim and doors

Step 4 Rolling out
Prime your walls first either by spot priming or full coverage priming of all paint-able surfaces that call for it. oil based works best for smoked in units, water based primer for non-smoking units.
Roll out all of the walls with an 18 Inch roller with a 1/2” in nap or 3/4” nap (depending on the thickness of texture on the sheet rock) or use a 9 Inch roller frame

Step 5 Cutting in
Cut in all of your trim, corners, baseboards, walls and ceilings with a nich 2 1/2 in or 3 in sash brush
Note: steps 4 and 5 are interchangeable and can be reversed if need be and a majority of the time if you are going over a darker color with a lighter color you will have to cut in twice.

Step 6 Walking the job
Walk the job for imperfections, holidays, drips, runs and touch up what your eye sees as problem areas.

Step 7 Walk the job again
Walk the job again, you may notice something you did not notice before but by this time you ought to be so familiar with every nook and cranny on the job that the slightest imperfection will irk you.

Step 8 Clean up
Clean up all of your masking, materials, tools, messes, and garbage. Leave the property the way you found it.





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